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New Year, New Look!

Following on slightly from my last blog post regarding the creation of Jorja Wilkinson Design the brand, I have an announcement to make…….

I have undergone a full makeover and I have to say, it is looking pretty good! Goodbye Jorja Wilkinson Design, say hello Georgia Wilkinson.

I am sure that this is going to briefly confuse my loyal repeat customers, but hopefully will avoid a lot more confusion to those new ones. I have often been asked, if I was christened Jorja, and when I reply no, “then why I have decided to have this as my business name?” (newbies, please refer to previous blog post for the answer!)

Although at first I wanted to keep some separation between me and business, I have realised 5 years later, that is exactly what I should NOT be doing. My USP (unique selling point) is not surprisingly me, so why not have my name at the forefront of the business moving forward?

Ok, so new name…. new logo. I wanted to keep an essence of the old, but recreate it for the future. No question, the Magpies had to stay. With a little help from the good people at Impulse Media in Leeds, we have been beavering away over the dark winter months to create my new emblem. Here it is, I do hope you like it!

Georgia Wilkinson Stamp Small


What’s in a name?

One of the 1st things I did when I started my business in 2009 was trying to create my ‘brand identity’. This I was told, was really important in order to covey easily the feeling and meaning of my company.

I wanted to try to separate myself a little between ‘weekend Georgia’ and ‘business Georgia’, so what name to choose…? This is when I cam up with the idea of Jorja wilkinson Design. Jorja was the name on my email address at university so therefore already had a bit of a ‘work’ edge to it. The name also had a little hint of something foreign, Swedish perhaps ooh yes please! I have been drawn to Swedish pattern design for as long as I can remember. So the name was born, but what about the logo, it needed to be something easily recognisable like the McDonald’s ‘Golden Arches’ but perhaps more importantly something inherently Jorja.

I have always loved birds, watching them in the garden on the bird table and also drawing them. One of the first designs I created in my pavilion was a Magpie. There was something so striking about him, standing proud and confident, I instantly knew he was the to be the ‘face’ of the company. I must confess I am a little superstitious and regularly salute the magpies on the side of the road and I am all too familiar with the rhyme:

One for sorrow,
Two for joy,
Three for a girl,
Four for a boy,
Five for silver,
Six for gold,
Seven for a secret never to be told.

Therefore I couldn’t possibly have one lonely magpie, there had to be two! And Thus the logo was born.


Off come their woolly jumpers!

Well apologies readers for the severe lack of blog, I don’t know where the time has gone!

IMAG0475I thought that this one was worth a picture or two. Down on’t farm it’s sheep shearing time! This is one of my favourite points of the farming year, it’s a great opportunity to have a good look at all of the ewes and lambs for a general check up.

Once the fleeces come off, the sheep look much cooler (and skinnier!).

Counting sheep begins…. one down, so many to go….

IMAG0479IMAG0474IMAG0477IMAG0478With a strong pair of hands……. and little help from some electric shears, the fleece starts to come away.

Once the fleece is off, any bits of mud etc are pulled away and it is carefully rolled up.

All of the fleeces are tightly bundled into a sack, ready to go off and make some woolly jumpers for us!

A Little Time in Solihull

Well I am sure that most of  you know that Spring Fair took place at the NEC in Birmingham last week?! This 5 day trade buying extravaganza attracts buyers form all over the world to find the next big thing in the Home and Gift world. For a trade exhibitor, I can tell you it was pretty scary setting up on Saturday, with my tiny 3m x 1m stand, in amongst some well established companies such as Wild & Wolf and Rex International. My dad, bless him had spent the previous week sawing, screwing and painting up my lovely wooden shelving, which was to showcase my lampshades…. and I have to say, I think it looked pretty smart. Thank you dad 🙂IMAG0379

Thankfully I was next door to some really lovely exhibitors, who made the 5 days fly by. Namely my next door neighbour Elizabeth from Mountain and Molehill. http://www.mountainandmolehill.com

I couldn’t resist buying a couple of cards on the last day!image

My other frivolous purchase was an amazing Snakes & Ladders game box from the lovely people at the original Metal Box Company. http://www.theoriginalmetalbox.com/image

I absolutely don’t need it, but I totally love it! I also think the Draughts box might make a great Birthday present for someone too……

Pretty pictures

Sorting through my camera and phone, trying to make some valuable space, I have been deleting photos galore! I thought I would share a few of these with you. A blog with lots of pictures and few words, is my kind of reading:)IMAG0045 SPRINGIMAG0164IMAG0173IMAG0101-1








The Mallard and Pheasant

Thought I would give you a little sneaky peek, into what I have been doing last week. Following numerous requests for Pheasants I have finally had time to sit down with my lovely bird books, paper and paintbrush!
These images which I am going to transfer onto a silk screen, are inspired by the style of old wood block prints.

I have never been able to paint a successful image first time out… I start by sketching with pencil, but I soon get bored of this and move on to the paintbrush and black guache.
Once I have finished painting the image, I rub out the pencil lines and scan it into my computer. This gives me the opportunity to change the scale, before printing it out.
I can now use overlay paper on top of the print-out, and re-work the areas that I am not happy with… in this case the legs and wing.
This process of painting and scanning may only be done once, but with Mr Pheasant it took me 6 times to get him just how I wanted him!

On the final scan, the images is then printed out onto acetate for engraving onto my silkscreen.
Unfortunately I do not have the luxury of a light exposure unit, but thankfully Steve Wood http://www.stevewoodservices) is nearby in Tockwith and he does this for me.

Once I have the screen back, it is time to test it out 🙂

I am rather pleased with how they have turned out. What do you think?


All work and no play makes anybody a little grumpy! So for this reason I jetted off to Croatia for a much needed break. I went years ago to the Istrian peninsula, but this time headed to Dubrovnik and it’s fabulous walled city.  After two tiring days exploring the old city (there are a LOT of steps in Dubrovik, especially when your hostel is about 1 mile uphill from the centre) and sampling some of the fantastic seafood it was time to start our island hopping adventure!
An early start and a 3 hour bus ride (and car ferry) took us to the beautiful Korcula Town on Korcula island. The old walled town juts out boldly into the sea, enclosing a series of quaint streets, with bustling retaurants and cafes. Unfortunately the hostel we were hoping to stay at look very much closed for the year. That’s the only problem about travelling out of season… Thankfully a kind lady took pity on us British tourists and offered us a lovely little apartment just outside the old town. From this base we were able to explore the town and visit the nearby Parmezana beach, supposedly one of the best in Croatia (but there are better!)
Next stop on our tour took us to the island of Hvar and Hvar Town. Approaching these towns from the sea, is how you view them at their best. Here we spent two days catching some serious rays on the beach and snorkelling in the crystal clear seas.

Then it was on to the island of Brac and the popular tourist destination of Bol. It is home to “The best beach” in Croatia and for this reason it was BUSY, even for late September. In my opinion the better beach was across the far side of Bol, near the monestry, where we spent our 2nd day.

If you are ever in Bol, I can’t recommend enough Villa Kiki, where we stayed. It is advertised as a hostel, but we stayed in a private apartment and the owners could not have done enough. They even dropped us at the port for out 6 am ferry on the day we left!

A long day from Bol, took us to Split where we explored and visited the Mestrovic museum, well worth the walk! I love his work, the scultures are very tactile, but I especially enjoyed the sketches that were displayed along the corridor. From From Split we took a bus to Zadar, where we were due to fly out of two days later. The 1st night in our final hostal was by far the worst nights sleep I had had. I awoke with no less than 15 mosi bites on my right calf and dozens more on my arms and even my face! I have forgotten just how itchy those blighters are!
Our final day in Croatia was spent on a boat trip around the Kornati islands, which are a national park. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side, and wind and grey skies was what we got 😦
All in all, a blooming brilliant holiday. Cheap(ish) hot and quiet…..bliss!